Barone Enterprise, FZCO is an innovative financial services company, registered in Dubai, starting its project in February 2021.

It provides an easy, independent and automatic way to generate income. Clients will be able to carry out automatic trading in the foreign exchange market and cryptocurrency, always having their capital under control.

A Company that is characterized by transparency, integrity and innovation with intuitive products facilitating access to complex markets for the general public.

The Forex and cryptocurrency market is growing rapidly. Barone Enterprise constantly tests new techniques and optimizations to improve product performance and increase profits without compromising security.

Barone Enterprise Products and Services

CloneTrade® is a service that allows any user, without any knowledge of Forex, to trade and profit from the operations carried out by a specialized bot system.

Barone Enterprise offers several different strategies for different user profiles.

CryptomaticTrader® is an exclusive service, by which any Barone Enterprise user can generate income directly on their own cryptocurrency exchange. Trading is fully automatic and the client, at all times, will be able to see the results of the operations on his platform.


These and other Barone Enterprise products and services will be available from February 2021 with an interesting launch promotion on the web


Control your capital. Control your future.

For more information contact [email protected]