Green Butterfly Brands takes to their Bark at the Moon blog to promote acknowledgment of the love between owner and pup this Valentine’s Day.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, some are thinking about their significant other, but others are thinking of their four-legged best friend! Dogs are known for their undying love, so it only makes sense to celebrate them on the day of love itself. Bark at the Moon’s Valentine’s Day blog post encourages owners to recognize the little things their dog does for them, such as being excited when they come home or never harboring a grudge for longer than a few seconds. “No matter what you look like, what your relationship status is, or where you work, your dog will love you just the same,” says Julia Stanton, Director of Marketing for Green Butterfly Brands. “So, at Green Butterfly Brands, we ask that you take Valentine’s Day to recognize your pup for showing you love that you’ll never get anywhere else.” For a furry Valentine, the blog post advises that owners skip the chocolate and flowers and instead entertain the following five date ideas for owner and pup.

The first date idea is a hike; dogs love taking in the sights and smells of the outdoors, and it will serve as a great form of exercise. The second idea is to go out to eat. The post encourages owners to search up dog-friendly restaurants- some even include meal options for a furry friend. The third idea is a stay-at-home dinner; the post suggests grooming Pinterest for recipes that dogs can safely enjoy. The fourth idea proposes sledding; in the event of a snowy Valentine’s Day, taking a dog sledding will allow them to release energy and bond with their owner. The last idea is for those who may not have the time to dedicate a whole day to their pup; the post recommends a belly rub, or Bark at the Moon treat, to say “I love you too”.

Although only a quick mention in the blog post, Green Butterfly Brands encourages owners to reward their dogs with Bark at the Moon All Natural Dog Treats. Bark at the Moon treats are made of real American meat, full of protein and nutrients, and absolutely no additives or preservatives. Before Valentine’s Day rolls around, visit the Bark at the Moon blog for the full detailed post on date ideas for dogs and owners.

Green Butterfly Brands currently offers four types of treats. Premium Chicken Jerky, Wild-Caught Salmon and Freeze Dried Whole Chicken Hearts are all one ingredient treats for dogs and cats. Their fourth treat, All Natural Turkey Dog Treats are made of grain free ingredients and all Bark at the Moon Treats are sourced and made in the USA.

About Green Butterfly Brands

Green Butterfly Brands is a small American business committed to providing natural dog snacks, made in USA. Bark at the Moon Healthy Treats offers pet owners a natural way to reward their dogs and cats for their love this Valentine’s Day. Bark at the Moon’s Natural Turkey Dog Treats, Premium Chicken Jerky for dogs, Wild-Caught Salmon Treats, and Whole Chicken Hearts can be purchased on Amazon.

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