Green Butterfly Brands Bark at the Moon Blog advocates for the safety of dogs on Halloween.

Green Butterfly Brand’s Bark at the Moon blog recently posted about how important it is that dog owners pay attention to the safety of their pups on Halloween. The post gives five tips to keep furry friends out of harm’s way. The first tip advises owners to be aware that, because so many strangers visit their house on Halloween, animals can easily become stressed; therefore, it might be better to simply gate the dog in an area away from the front door. The second tip cautions readers that, although dogs in costumes can be very cute, the foremost concern should be that the dog is comfortable in his/her outfit. The third tip stresses the threat that chocolate and other candies pose to the health of dogs and cats. In an attempt to decrease the amount of lost dogs wandering the streets, the fourth tip warns dog owners to be careful opening the door to trick-or-treaters, as to keep a curious pup from slipping through the open door into the night. The last tip recommends that owners provide their furry fried with a distraction to keep them from getting into trouble- this could be a toy or a Bark at the Moon treat!

“Green Butterfly Brands wants to take measures to make sure families can enjoy Halloween, knowing that their dog is safe and comfortable,” said Julia Stanton, Director of Marketing for Green Butterfly Brands, in a statement about the blog post. “We recommend keeping your pup entertained with toys that can be filled with treats- our Premium Salmon Treats come in small chunks that are perfect for this!” Bark at the Moon Salmon Dog Treats are  made of only one ingredient- salmon, wild-caught in the United States. They contain natural protein and omega-3’s that are great for skin, nail, and coat health, and contain no preservatives, additives, artificial colors or fillers. The treats are specially freeze-dried to maintain freshness. All of Bark at the Moon’s treats are sourced and made in the USA, and a portion of the proceeds are always donated to train service dogs for the nation’s veterans.

About Green Butterfly Brands

Green Butterfly Brands is a family-run business located in Bolton, Connecticut and is committed to providing healthy pet snacks, made in USA. Bark at the Moon All-Natural Treats offers pet owners a healthy way to reward their dogs and cats for their loyalty and obedience. Bark at the Moon’s Natural Turkey Treats, Premium Chicken Jerky, and Wild-Caught Salmon Treats can be purchased on Amazon where happy dog owners can still take advantage of the Halloween Sale by entering promo code: BARKIN10 at checkout to receive 10% off their entire first order.

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