25 August, 2014: On Monday night the new cup, Nokamp fans of the two groups of the sound is still fresh in my memory, one is “Suarez, shouting” Suarez “, one of Alves’s full. Alves is a few months to sell players, but because the market is not the team to Barcelona, cleaning the original plan had not succeeded. And also then a our website is best site ever known to purchase the cheap fifa coins pc to take pleasure from typically the football game for the most part and make sure you will have the most wonderful moment! Alves himself also want to keep with the team, but is not willing to take a pay cut to join the other team. 

Barcelona technical director Zubizarreta said at a news conference yesterday: “Alves performance in Gamper cup is very good, he’s part of the plan.”Alves not only to stay with the team, but also to play. From Lewis – Enrique personnel situation, he is more inclined to use Alves as the main force, rather than the young Montoya. Claude Lado can’t buy in the case, Alves is his first choice right back.In addition to being Nokamp fans booed, Alves also is the Brazil national team left out in the cold, in the new coach Dunga first squad, Alves lost the election. Dunga said: “in the World Cup players not in this list, have the opportunity.”Alves was an absolute force Barcelona, had “fourth vanguard”, he assists the very sharp, but in a state of the downturn, and gradually from the darling was booed treat players. 

Want to change people’s opinions, this season Alves also need to work hard. At that time, eighty-third minutes into the game, suddenly Deckard forbidden area right foot from the left lateral dribbling, but his kick ball limp and the angle are not Diao, the ball was Kansas city gates will fall steadily confiscated. However, the funny thing is, Deckard shot in his shoes at the same time, also waste out, between the ball in the air to draw a beautiful arc after falling from the road net. In this scene, amused the audience. The media have therefore joked: “it seems that the next time he will need to tie my shoelaces.” 

The German international Mesut Ozil accepted the call national team teammate Boateng, attended the recent very popular ice challenge. Mesut Ozil also singled out three people accept the challenge in the post, respectively is the singer Rihanna, Mesut Ozil’s girlfriend, NBA star Derek – Ross. Recently this time bucket challenge is very popular in the world, including the C Luo, Messi, Beckham and other superstar have joined the. But this week the arsenal of the German star Mesut Ozil also joined in, accept the national team teammate Boateng singled out the challenge. But Mesut Ozil later named for singer Rihanna accept the challenge. 

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