Tel Aviv, August 23, 2013 Barbara Berzin Studio has established itself an industry recognized education provider in the special niche of architecture and design. The pioneer interior designer, Barbara Berzin is behind the conceptualization and formation of all types of courses that the studio teaches to the students. Her knowledge and deep insight of the industry make her ×œ×™×ž×•×“×™ עיצוב פנים more career-oriented, and students pursuing these courses are assured of getting success in the industry. 

The studio introduces several types of courses which have been designed keeping in mind the changing industry trends. One can find a groundbreaking ×§×•×¨×¡ עיצוב פנים למתחילים, facilitating their path in the high-paying construction and design industry. At the same time, accomplished interior designers can also pursue some of the leading and new-age ×œ×™×ž×•×“×™ אדריכלות, which comprise of topics like green architecture, sustainable architecture, energy conserving design, environmentally-sensitive designing and several such elements that are more relevant to the contemporary times. 

While speaking about her new educational programs, Barbara reveals, “Most of the interior designers of the present era focus more on the aesthetic appeal of a concrete structure. But besides maintaining the beauty and the aesthetics, one must take care of the functionality of the designs. Moreover, the problems of the present time such as environmental degradation, energy scarcity etc must be addressed through proper designing approaches. The ×œ×™×ž×•×“×™ ארכיטקטורה ועיצוב פנים at my studio will enable students to conceptualize futuristic designs and thus they will become a game-changer in the building and construction industry.” 

The Studio offers a full range of courses and a student can choose a ×§×•×¨×¡ עיצוב פנים that would be more suitable as well as rewarding for him or her. Each of these courses has been designed by qualified professionals and also has personal inputs of Barbara. These courses have been recognized by some of the reputed interior design and architecture bodies and students who pass out these courses are immediately absorbed by the industry at thick salary packages. One can learn more about these courses or programs by visiting the website 

About Barbara Berzin Studio 

Barbara Berzin Studio is founded 17 years ago, by the leading interior designer Barbara Berzin who has more than 30 years of experience in the architecture and design industry. She teaches all the “secrets” of the interior design profession and offers a range of Interior Design Studies to all those who want to build a flourishing career in the building and construction industry.