With the launch of their newest product, a four layer super soft Bamboo Nursing Pads, Family First Enterprises has enjoyed popularity beyond what they ever expected. With higher than anticipated sales already on the books, it is apparent that the new product is proving quite popular among those who shop on Amazon.

Family First Enterprises, the company known for offering innovative solutions to new parents who wish to maintain an active lifestyle after having a new child, has released its newest and most popular product to date. The company’s Bamboo Nursing Pads have been an answer to the troublesome products already on the market and customers are turning to the new solution as the go-to answer for new mothers who choose to breastfeed. Leakproof and soft, the new product is said to offer confidence and comfort in excess.

“We have been there, in the same place where our customers are now,” says Jean Malloy of the Family First design and development team. “We know what it feels like and how great it can be to find a solution that makes it less painful and which prevents embarrassment at the same time. Since breastfeeding can come with a number of embarrassing or painful side effects, we wanted to tackle that with our newest addition to our product line.”

And tackle that problem was something the company’s customers are claiming they did. A quick talk with Malloy explained that a layer of bamboo creates a super soft feel against chaffed nipples, while a microfiber inner layer locks away milk leakage so that the inner layer stays dry and not soggy. Finally, a leak proof outer layer offers confidence to consumers who want to get out and be active while maintaining their ability to breastfeed. Washable and designed to stay in one place, customers are already raving.

“Though we didn’t expect these to be quite as popular as they are, we are excited that our customers are so pleased,” says Maloy. “We work really hard to offer only the best, high quality products that we use ourselves. It’s great to see that our customers agree with us.”

To celebrate the launch of their new product, Family First Enterprises is offering special pricing on their Bamboo Nursing Pads on Amazon.

About Family First Enterprises: Owned and operated by family, Family First Enterprises strives to make sure that every new parent enjoys bringing their newest member of the family home. By developing high quality products that allow parents to incorporate baby into their once active lifestyle, they work to make the lives of families everywhere better.

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