Bal Hanuman makes Cops recite Jai Shree Ram


There is no doubt that Ishant Bhanushali (Bal Hanuman) is in love with his on screen character. So much so that he often subconsciously plays the role of Hanuman in real life too. It so happened that at a recent event, Ishant was seen interacting with his fans. During his meet and greet session, he noticed some cops were trying to manage the crowd present on ground. On seeing them working hard, the talented child actor insisted on meeting them and appreciating their hard work. He instantly approached them and in an innocent way thanked them for all the hard work they are doing.


Talking about this, Ishant Bhanushali, better known as Bal Hanuman, said, “Just the way Lord Hanuman believes in doing good deeds, cops believe in protecting the society and people. Our Police force work tirelessly to ensure there is peace in the country. They make sure we are secured wherever we are at all times. It was great meeting and talking to them.”


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