Essex, UK; 15, December 2016: Lawn tennis or simply tennis always has been and continues to be an extremely popular sporting discipline in the UK and in many other countries of Europe. It is quite normal for young boys and girls right from the age of 4 to undergo rigorous training in tennis under the aegis of experienced coaches, many of whom happen to be well-known sportspersons. Despite the game’s overwhelming popularity, it is quite bewildering to note that there aren’t enough sports outlets and shops in the mainland selling quality tennis clothing. To be specific, the apparels on one hand don’t fit appropriately on most kids and youngsters, and on the other they’re beyond the affordable range of most guardians or parents.

Mrs. Braithwaite, the brainchild behind Bace Sportswear and the proud mother of two daughters realized the enormity of the problems with kids’ tennis clothing. Her elder daughter who started playing tennis when she was just 4 years and graduated to participating in the competitive format of the game had to confront the issue of well-fitting quality sportswear. Most of the brick-and-mortar as well as online outlets selling tennis clothes could not satisfy the requirements of their customers. Either the attire did not fit properly or the garbs were too expensive for most of the guardians. Mrs. Braithwaite with the intention of overcoming these issues instituted Bace Sportswear.

Bace Sportswear excels in designing junior tennis clothing/apparel that is highly affordable. However, the affordability of the sports garments doesn’t imply that the same has been stitched from inferior quality of raw materials. The proof of the brand’s popularity can be gauged from the fact that the different items of sportswear are shipped to more than 23 countries around the world. Parents and guardians of promising youngsters can shop online for tennis dresses on and One can browse by categories of ‘girls clothing’, ‘boys clothing’ ‘women clothing’ and ‘men clothing’. Additionally, one can choose from tennis tops, shorts, skirts, outwear, and accessories just by clicking on any of the aforementioned categories.

Parents of kids who spend a good part of the day practicing the game can log in at the website of Bace Sportswear and surf through the ‘new arrivals’. Most of the Girls tennis dresses are moderately priced and therefore purchasing an outfit from this portal definitely works out much cheaper than buying offline or over- the-counter. For instance, there is one ‘girls pink tennis dress with frills/tennis dress junior netball dress/golf dress sportswear’ costing £22.99. Then again there is a ‘women white golf jacket/warm up tennis jacket with pleated back design/sports jacket’ available at £19.99.

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Bace Sportswear is owned and operated by Mr. and Mrs. Braithwate that specializes in designing an eclectic range of tennis and golf sportswear.

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