A new paradigm in marketing is born. AWESOMEDIA, emphasizes an international and multi-cultural “glocal“ approach in its branding works.

Tampere, Finland, May 25, 2016— Awesomedia is an international, multi-cultural marketing and communications agency based at the heart of smartphones and technological innovations: Tampere, Finland, western Europe. For many products and services, going beyond domestic markets into foreign ones can be the next growth strategy. If strong domestic growth has been already reported, going global is the next one where you also want to be successful.

But it’s important to bear in mind that the domestic marketing approach that has led to your success at home is not likely to work when exported. Awesomedia helps with this. More information on Awesomedia is available at www.awesomedia.org

“Is your brand an international brand? Building a brand for the global arena requires a vision, a mission and a set of values that endures and stand out among other global brands. What exactly defines an international advertising agency? And, what exactly will you need them to do for your business?

The more clearly these questions can be answered, the better the chances that a suitable partner to help you market across borders will be found. At Awesomedia, we have experienced different cultural business environments. We know how a specific business culture behaves and understand quite well how to build a branding that smoothly and efficiently penetrate at a global scale. This global experience is vital for any company that is seeking to grow their customer base and expand to international markets. Finland has high caliber brands with all the elements to become global trend setters, leaders and global player among the big ones.” Henry Alzamora, CEO and founder, Awesomedia

Many experts say that brand building a local product usually meets lots of hardships. But building brands that goes beyond your country into the world, hardships are sometimes double when working with every country they serve.  Underestimating that challenge is the #1 reason we see many brands fail to thrive outside their home market. This is based on decades of work with hundreds of companies, from giant Fortune 500 multinationals to tiny basement start-ups. If your company lacks the experience required to effectively market over borders, the fastest and most effective way to compensate is to hire a marketing firm, such as an advertising agency, that specializes in international brand development.

“Is your company a start-up, medium, or large corporation? Do you want to centralize or distribute control? For the sake of growth, brand equity, and economies of scale, it makes sense to consider a centralized approach to your international marketing e?orts. A decentralized approach could dilute the brand’s focus and values, erode brand equity, and make it impossible for the brand owner to manage the brand effectively.” Henry Alzamora, CEO and founder, Awesomedia

Awesomedias staff consist of an award winning team of more than 18 years of experience in off line/online marketing and a solid background in advertising and international corporate management. The founders have worked in different senior management positions in different continents, they have worked in renowned big advertising agencies and worldwide renowned brands which means you have as a partner the same skills, awesome creativity and over all knowhow proper of a huge ad agency but at a flexible budget. Their suite of marketing tools includes digital marketing, traditional advertising outlets, and innovative uses of new technologies such as augmented and virtual reality. Awesomedia is Microsoft Bing Ads accredited, Google Partner, Google Analytics Adwords, Search, Display, Mobile, Shopping, Video certified and Inbound certified by HubSpot, USA.

Awesomedia is uniquely positioned to provide all of their clients with an authentic culturally local and national perspective yet branding global touch to their business expansion efforts (glocal).

If you would like more information about Awesomedia, please contact us at [+358400226509] or email at [email protected]

Company- Awesome media
Contact- Henry Alzamora
Telephone- [+358400226509]
Email- [email protected]
Website- www.awesomedia.org
Tampere, Finland