19, June 2015: Low-carbon commuting products, such as twin-wheeled or one-wheeled balancing scooters have been incorporated into our lives. It is no longer fresh news to witness someone riding balancing scooters to and off work, or going out for a short trip. But balancing scooters, apart from its utility in daily commuting, have already become toys for some energetic kids. Let’s have a look at the 11-year-old Tobby Stevens and how he rides his Airwheel X3 across Bristol.

This is the road that Tobby will pass every day. Whether going upstairs or downstairs, passing narrow and separated parapets, or crossing winding aisles, Tobby rides his Airwheel balancing scooter X3 confidently and fast.

Airwheel Scooters3

Tobby’s parents told us, that Airwheel X3 was a gift given to him on his birthday. After that, Tobby loved it so much that he even left other toys behind. Wherever he went, he would ride his balancing scooter. At leisure, he practiced riding Airwheel X3 on the grass. Once a new skill was acquired, he would perform it in front of the adults and his friends. Now he rides it so skillfully as if the vehicle is part of his body.

Besides riding for fun, Tobby also rides the vehicle to help his mother push supermarket shopping cart, or perform an innovative riding dance of balancing scooter. He is so talented.

Airwheel X3 2

His parents do not feel relieved for Tobby’s riding style. They just want Tobby to ride to school conveniently with an Airwheel X3. However, though being slightly scraped and collided, X3 is still in good shape. There has been no damage to tits quality. Tobby exams his X3 carefully every night. This is also a reason for X3 keeping such a good shape.

This is a series of shots. Tobby rides his X3 jumping from one wooden box to another, and leaping down from a huge stone, flower beds and outdoor high table. It might give him a feeling of flying. We can’t help but sigh that he is such a brave boy.

On the other hand, this series of shots demonstrates the quality of vibration resistance of Airwheel X3. The balancing scooter X3 employs Cheng Shin tire with better braking grip and vibration resistance, making these dangerous stunts possible. But, it is advised that we should not give such a random try, especially beginners.

Tobby has now acquired unbelievable new skills with the one-wheeled scooter lent by his friend. We are stunned by his awesome and showy riding skills. Thumbs up for the brave boy and we expects him to create more new and fancy skills.

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