Advanced Vehicle Services offers comprehensive maintenance and repairing services for the industrial equipment, machineries as well as for the individual and commercial vehicles. The repairer serves the Colorado region.

Colorado, US (May 29, 2016) - Established in the year 2012 as a local repairer for equipment and vehicles to serve the Colorado region, Advanced Vehicle services is now the most reputed repairing service providers to the individual and corporate entities in Colorado, looking for repairing or servicing vehicles or equipment.

With Advanced Vehicle services, customers get the one-stop availability of the services like forklift repair Loveland co , Diesel truck repair Loveland co & Diesel truck service Loveland co, crane repair Loveland co and generator repair Loveland co, to name a few. The service provider can service and repair the industrial process equipment as well as the construction machinery of all models, coming from the eminent international brand. The one-stop availability of such wide repairing services, that includes the annual dot inspection Loveland co service, downsizes the downtime for the companies and makes it hassle free to get the best maintenance and repairing services.

The scope of services with AVS includes the fleet vehicle service Ft Collins co as well. Logistic companies, as well as individual customers, can avail the services of AVS for the routine maintenance & repairing needs as well as emergency repairing services that include the roadside repairs as well.

AVS has a team of highly competent and experienced technicians and the services include the use of authentic spare & parts that ensure that the repairs and maintenance retain the functionality of the vehicles and the equipment at the optimal level.

In the opinion of one of the customers of AVS, “Our Company had tendered the contract of annual dot inspection Longmont co to AVS and we are extremely satisfied with its services. The services of AVS had significantly reduced the downtimes with our machinery, equipment, and fleet and we found the staffs of the company to be friendly and truly passionate about their clients”.

About Advanced Vehicle Services
Advanced Vehicle Services is a Colorado-based repairer, offering maintenance and repairing services for industrial equipment & machinery and personal and commercial vehicles. Please visit for more information.