March 2013 - A business can be likened to a person. It has different departments that work for it, just as the body has various systems that allow it to function. If the bodily systems of a human fail to do their work, illness occurs and some level of functionality is disabled; much is the same for the business, for when the different departments fall short in accomplishing their assignments, the business experiences glitches in its operations. With humans, diagnosis of an illness or necessity for improvement, calls for the aid of another person such as a doctor, who is an expert in knowing the true condition and prescribing the right medications for recovery and development. With businesses, on the other hand, when there are problems or need for development, growth, and expansion, a business consultant, that is an adviser in the various fields in trade, is sought after.

There are two types of business consultancy: internal and external. Internal consultancy operates within the business whereas external consultancy is hired service from the outside. External services are preferred by several business owners since a new and fresh perspective is brought by a consultant who is not regularly exposed to the business and its systems. Just as if with a person, another individual would be able to see the angles that oneself does not see. Additionally, external consultants can use their experience with other companies to relate to the evaluation points in the company they are currently servicing.

Now, focus is on businesses without comparing it to another entity. Growth and expansion locally is common but international extension is not explored by many companies. Exploring a new venue is a very challenging and considered as an obstacle by multitudes of business owners because of the difference in culture, language, and business policies. Yet, there are still those who are willing to take this big leap.

Nowadays, numerous people in Europe are exploring their business options in the United Arab Emirates. Lit is important to bridge cultural differences in order to make the business development, growth and expansion of European business owners successful. Dealing with international business development, establishment and expansion. Especially with one involving Arabic and the culture of Arabs, can only be tackled through entering the gulf region or middle-east market with a super agent, consultancy or advisor by your side with a strong influential network of connections in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Doha and Saudi-Arabia, Middle East, Europe, and even in North Africa.

Evaluating and anchoring its professional advice on the business’s vision, mission, and goals. Addressing short and long-term business goals, devising a plan that is specific to the business’s needs. including intercultural communication, delegation among prospective clients, mediating and lobbying with investors, influential’s or associates in business plans, examining trades, and market researching. Through these key factors, providing you with An elite comprehensive advice and consultancy service. The financial health of a business in its new location, as well as the business strategy, restructuring and Development of the company with its new direction relies fully on this fundamental service. These key factors will determine the success of the actual business.

Therefore, when choosing a business consultancy united arab emirates, its service packages must be detailed on how a good the business development, expansion or establishment will be achieved. Concrete plans should be laid in front of the client to direct him towards the accomplishment of his business goals.

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