Knoxville, TN — There is nothing like authentic Italian pasta to liven up meals and excite taste buds. Avanti Savoia specializes in imported Italian pastas and gourmet foods, and customers have a wide selection of products to choose from.

Items like Italian Radiatore Pasta, Italian Spaghetti, Linguine with Squid Ink and Italian Pappardelle Pasta make for unforgettable meals. These pastas are superior in quality and flavor compared to the ordinary noodles found in grocery stores. Specialty pastas such as Corn Linguine, Porcini Mushroom Tagliatelle Pasta and Linguine with Peperoncino (Red Chili) are also available.

Avanti Savoia offers pasta for sale that is popular among Italian natives and gourmet enthusiasts. Prices for pasta are affordable, and shipping is efficient making shopping quick and painless. The wide selection of pastas and gourmet foods allows customers to select the perfect items for meals. From honey and coffee to olive oil and sauces, customers have access to flavorful foods that make dinning fun and interesting.

In addition to ingredients, condiments and gourmet foods, a wealth of product information is also available. This allows customers to learn about new products and the benefits of authentic Italian foods. Gourmet foods are sure to impress family members, friends and business colleagues. Cooking classes and recipes are also provided, which allows customers to expand on their cooking skills.

To learn more about the authentic pastas offered by Avanti Savoia, please visit . There is no better source for gourmet foods, Italian ingredients or specialty condiments on the Internet. Call toll-free 1 (800) 213-2927 today to buy pasta and gourmet foods.

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