Avant Law Corporation is pleased to announce their new website http://www.avantlaw.com . Avant Law focuses on bankruptcy, estate planning, civil litigation and personal injury in Orange County, San Diego and throughout Southern California.

Attorneys Michael Kim and Paul Caprara value relationships and strive to help clients understand their legal rights. Both attorneys take a client-centered approach to the law, and they welcome clients to schedule a free consultation to discuss any of the following concerns.


Instead of drowning in debt, consumers sometimes find relief through bankruptcy. Avant Law compassionately, honestly and professionally guides clients through the legal in and outs of bankruptcy proceedings.

This process includes a review of the client’s financial situation and a recommendation for bankruptcy or alternative solutions. If bankruptcy is necessary, the attorneys file the paperwork and represent the clients every step of the way until the issues are resolved and the clients are ready to reclaim their financial footing and secure their financial future.

Estate Planning

Caring for loved ones remains a priority for most people, and estate planning plays a role in ensuring loved ones receive the care and provision they need. Avant Law exercises skill, compassion and sensitivity when preparing wills, trusts or living wills that fulfill clients’ wishes and provide for loved ones.

Civil Litigation

Clients have rights, and attorneys Michael Kim and Paul Caprara work hard to defend those rights. Whether clients face a civil lawsuit, private right of action or adversary proceeding associated with bankruptcy, they receive fair, professional and thoughtful representation from the initial consultation to the end of the civil litigation case.

Personal Injury

Vehicle accidents happen to almost anyone, and Avant Law understands the pain, suffering and long-term damage caused by vehicle accidents. Clients receive an advocate when they hire Avant Law to represent them in personal injury lawsuits against insurance companies and other litigants after a vehicle accident.

Avant Law’s attorneys Michael Kim and Paul Caprara value their clients. They welcome new and current clients in Southern California, Orange County and San Diego to learn more about their services at their new Avvo Ignite powered website. Clients can connect with Avant Law Corporation today via social media and at http://www.avantlaw.com . Here, consumers discover more information about the services Avant Law offers and find answers to their bankruptcy, estate planning, civil litigation or personal injury concerns.