Toronto, Canada, August 01, 2016 — Author Vena Stewart-Semprie knows from personal experience what it is like to be the source of strength to someone whose health is failing.  When a person has an impairment which limits their daily activities they need a Caregiver.  The impairment can come from different diagnosis such as aging, traumatic injury or a debilitating illness.  After years of caring for her husband who has been living with Multiple Sclerosis for over 23 years, she was able to find coping mechanisms to give her strength to deal with the strain and stress she was feeling. She consolidated her story along with countless others she met through various organizations in her new book Caregiver Triumphant which in now available on Amazon.

A Caregiver can be a paid or unpaid person. In most families, a family member assumes the responsibility out of love and loyalty with little to no training. The common qualities they share are empathy, dependability, patience and strength. The common challenges they share are isolation, lack of information, few community resources and drastic changes in family roles. Where do they turn when they are feeling overwhelmed? Vena has a solution.

Vena is a Caribbean native and mother to four children. She lives in Canada with her Husband of over 47 years. She is very involved with the local Multiple Sclerosis support groups. She has met many individuals whose story paralleled hers. She started a Blog to help caregiver’s navigate through their complex roles.   “To be better able to take care of your love ones, you must first take care of you,” she said.  Through personal friendships in the groups she began to see a pattern with coping methods.  “This book contains the information I wish I had known when first learned my husband’s would need long-term care,” she said.

Vena’s blog is called Caring for Caregiver. Her new book, Caregiver Triumphant provides a consolidated guide to help other Caregivers prepare for the physical, mental and emotional challenges they will face. It is available for purchase at Amazon.  She is available for interviews and appearances at: [email protected].
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