New fiction book tells a tale of friendship and stinging betrayal

TORONTO, CANADA, MAY 9th 2016 - Emerging author Khadija Styles is pleased to announce the release of her first fiction book, Friend. Her tale about friendship and stinging betrayal can now be found on major platforms, including Createspace, Lulu, Smashwords, and. more

Styles is a Toronto native and artist who previously let her creativity flow in the fashion industry. She’s used her business expertise to launch a clothing line, but now Styles is honing in on the art of storytelling.

According to Styles, the idea for Friends was a cumulative influence of books, movies, and stories she had come across in the past. Styles seamlessly transformed those ideas into her  original  and captivating first book, which she believes will grab the attention of adults and youth today who can relate to the story.

Friend tells a dynamic, complex story about a group of high school girlfriends. During their last years of school, their loyalties and friendships towards one another become strained. According to Styles, Friend “is here to showcase some of the issues taking place in today’s generation...”

“Whom some might call friends are really just frenemies in disguise,” Styles added.

Friend starts from the perspective of Bonnie Heart, whose friendships are top priority in her life. She and her friends, Cora, Leena, Janelle, Jayna, and Hazel met when they were young girls, forging a powerful friendship in which they’ve all grown up seeing the ups and downs of female friendships and adolescence. Soon, a newbie, Donna, enters their group seeking companionship, but when Donna starts dating a mutual friend of the group who is liked by Hazel, a secret love square forms. Friends are caught between each other, casting blind eyes toward one friend to toss aside another. Then, Bonnie and her new boyfriend become the target of Hazel’s demeanor, and she withdraws from the drama.

“Their former rebellious pastime of boys, drinking, marijuana, and partying with fake IDs has turned into a dangerous game of lies, secrets, and manipulations,” said Styles. Friend makes people question the true meaning of friendship and to define the difference between friends and frenemies.

Styles is pleased to launch her first book and hopes this cautionary tale reaches readers everywhere.

About Khadija Styles

Khadija Styles is a Toronto native and artist who has spent years in the fashion industry. She recently started to perfect the art of storytelling, and Friend is her debut book.

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