19, May 2016: Indian Students willing to go to Australia and study in Holmes Institute Australia, BEWARE, Bachelors & Masters Degree offered by Holmes Institute are not recognized by Association of Indian Universities (AIU). AIU is the nodal agency for granting academic equivalence to the degrees awarded by the accredited foreign universities / institutions

An Indian student, in order to realize their International education dream, goes through a stringent Streamlined Visa Processes & Genuine Temporary Entrant processes to prove their worthiness of having an Australian quality education dream. But what good if that degree does not hold any value in their home country.

A Student studying at Holmes Institute post completion of their Higher Education get the degree, but as per AIU, his degree is not deemed to be equivalent to the Bachelor & Masters Degree in India. This restricts the job Prospects for Indian students and also they cannot go for higher studies as Bachelors or Masters Degree from Holmes Institute is not recognized at par with Indian Universities, leaving their degrees worthless.

To Gain Admission in Australia, an Indian student has to go through the process of streamlined Visa Processing, wherein they are also required to submit a Statement of Purpose, indicating the reason for choosing a particular University, college and course to study, and only after a thorough verification of GTE check requirement by the Australian Immigration authorities, the student visa is issued. But once a student lands in Australia, these students are approached by Institutes like Holmes for migration to their institute, as they are not required to provide any SOP for Migration. Innocent International students, especially the ones from the subcontinent, become an easy prey and fall in this trap and take easy migration from their originally approved university. Thus, these undoubting students who don’t realize the difference take the migration to Holmes Institute and lands up with a qualification that is not regarded as equivalent in their home country. Surprisingly there is no advisory or information about the effect of such migration published by any state department in the interest of the students.

It’s not that all degrees of Australia are not recognized in India, in fact on the contrary, all University degrees from Australia are recognized as equivalent degrees by AIU and a student can get the details of recognized universities on the link https://www.universitiesaustralia.edu.au. Thus, a student willing to study Bachelors and Masters Degree have many good options to complete their studies and get a University degree from Australia which are both recognized and regarded equivalent in India. A student before making any decision should verify whether the degree being granted at the end of course is provided Equivalence by AIU or not and then only make a rationale decision. Students can visit AIU website for further details - http://www.aiu.ac.in

Thus, it is strongly advised that an Indian student should be very careful while applying for admission or migration to Holmes Institute Australia for their Bachelors or Masters Degree, as these degrees are not recognized as equivalent to Bachelors and Masters Degree in India.

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