Austin Texas; 22, May 2017: Austin is a diverse city with a growing upper class. With this growing upper class comes specific needs. In particular is the need for an Austin locksmith that specializes in the vehicle known for high class, the Mercedes Benz.

The Mercedes Benz like any modern vehicle will at some point in time need to have the transponder keys replaced, programmed or repaired. While some locksmiths in Austin might be able to offer some limited services related to Mercedes vehicles there has not been a locksmith in Austin that can truly say that they are an expert Mercedes key locksmith.

Up until recently the only option that Austin residents really had to replace or reprogram their Mercedes transponder keys was to take their vehicle to the dealership. In a recent poll we asked if people preferred to take their vehicle to the dealership or independent repair shop. 89% of the people in the poll responded by saying that they prefer to take their vehicle to an outside service to repair their vehicle.

Henry, the owner of Henry's Lock & Key said in a statement to news media the other day, “I have been helping people program their car keys for quite a long time now. I have waited to offer Mercedes transponder key programming services because I wanted to take the right classes and training in order to be able to offer these services on a professional level. After hours and hours of classroom style training I am now ready.”

Henry's Lock & Key has the credentials to back up the Mercedes transponder key programming services that they now offer including the right equipment to get the job done.

“It's not just about having the right training either, the Mercedes Benz vehicles of today also need special equipment in order to be able to perform the job. Yes, it was a big initial investment, but to me it just means that I will be able to help even more people who need these crucial services”. Henry concluded.

Henry's Lock & Key will be offering these new services as part of their other specialized locksmith services. Their new Mercedes Benz transponder key programming services are offered during regular business hours to suit the needs of Austin residents.

About Henry's Lock & Key

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