ATUL MALIKRAM-Political and PR Expert
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The role of an analyst is the result of continuous hard work related to
any field giving his full life towards the things one is passionate about.
Contributing the major part of his life one has to deeply analyze the
system, has to research various related subject and analyze data. By
current trend, one can predict the future prospective related to any
field, Subject etc.
Talking about Indian politics, it shows the diversity which is an
important characteristic of India. In Politics, we see various Political
Ideologies and different parties have a different approach towards
every subject and matters happen in India.
Atul Malikram is actively following all the events in politics and
analyzing all the aspects of each event having its impact on social,
economic and cultural conditions of the country. He is also the having
expertise in the field of Public Relation and the only PR expert in whole
North India. Having its wide knowledge about the field he has given his
important suggestions to individual and companies.
Starting his career PR Professional Mr. Atul Malikram has work in
various aspects of PR and in the field of PR has proved himself and
reaches top level. His analysis and thinking more and more about any
subject had kept him different from others. He is also the founder and
Managing Director of PR 24x7. Being the founder of PR 24x7 work as
one man army, his company now consist of the team more than 75 PR
Professional working all over India basis.
Currents Analysis on Politics and PR
Mr. Atul Mlaikram with his visualization and analysis power has already
understood the importance of Public Relation when these are not been
in practice in the market and execution has been done much before
when anyone even thinks of PR. Apart from the traditional approach of
advertising and marketing the brand building technique through Digital
and Social Media has been analyzed by him much before. The Bond
between the company and customer is only done through making
better Public Relation, where communication level should be of high
level and feedback can be received by the company from the customer
and without any delay the inconvenience can be rectified by the
company. This act has its significance for a longer period of time.
Indian Politics is now changing its form and now the effect of Digital
and Social Media becomes the new political battleground for all the
Political parties and their Leaders. Atul Malikram by his expert views
told about the importance of Social Media in politics he said ‘the people
are always been active in Social Media platform and are knowledgeable
about every event, Politicians have to campaign about their thoughts,
ideas, value etc, and have to make feel their presence in Social Media
which is going to play major roles in upcoming political events’.
Future Analysis on Politics and PR
Today’s world is Digital world, and all people are using Digital way to be
in the market and talking about the Political field, the scope of Public
Relation is now playing the role which can never be projected before,
through online campaign public is now 24x7 connected with people.
This has been predicted before by Mr. Atul Malikram and strategies
have been started about this. By reading the political events he is able
to figure out the exact event going to happen in near future. Atul
Malikram said ‘the social platform is the new trend which will have a
long way to go and who cannot develop his skill in this field consider to
be old soon’.
His company is working in all the major cities of India, and providing
quality services through different media channels. Leader of one of its
kind of Public Relation Company in North India his company is
progressing day by day. Also active in social work his company also
compliance the CSR work.