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Public Relation now become the trending topics for everyone and this also gaining popularity in recent years. Many Companies apart from doing traditional way of advertisement and marketing are now making their focus in making a relationship by using Public Relation Methods. Making connection with customer is today’s needs as while doing normal advertisement Companies are not going to make connections with their customers. This Broad vision of Public Relation work is been analyze before by the Founder of PR 24x7 Network Limited Mr. Atul Malikram. Being the pioneer in Public Relation his company is the only PR Company in whole North India working across the country. Atul Mlaikram gains this skills by being the part of society. His analysis power is the reason and concern about the society is what makes him the experts in his field.


Starting his career as PR Professional he has work in various aspects of PR and in the field of PR has proved himself and reaches top level. His analysis and thinking more and more about any subject had kept him different from others. The Corporate Social Responsibility work performed by Being Responsible (NGO) his work has reached to every community of society which is suffering and been neglected in the society. By the help of Being Responsible these people are been help so that they can also have the privileged to enjoy the life. Also in many online and offline platform, he has raised many issued which society is worried about such as related to Health, Today Food eating habit of People etc. The vision about Social Media has now becoming the reality and making public relation with the help of social media and digital media are now making a revolution in each field, companies using these platform to making relationships with the public help in increase in their business.


One of the Important use of Public Relation through Social Media are been used by Political Leaders in great extent and making direct contact with the people the Social Media tool is very effective and making its presence in today’s Political Scenario . It is consider being the future of Politics. Atul Malikram considers this to be the important benchmark for Political Parties and their Leaders. He shares his views regarding this topic and said ‘Today World is witnessing the changes and people are found online mode more suitable to connect with each other. This Social change also has its effect on politics too, and will be a game changer in all the political elections’.


With its various branches working in various domains such as Public Relations work, Digital Marketing, all types of Media Monitoring etc. which all are been performed Atul Malikram in a professional manner, leading and making progress day by day.