LOV cannot be lied to…Be yourself

February 9, 2015 (Atlanta, GA): Today LOV Inc., a privately—held corporation based in Atlanta, GA, announced the launch of “LOV — The Smarter Dating App” coming in Spring 2015. LOV is an ad-free, innovative dating app unlike anything currently on the market. LOV uses a proprietary algorithm called SparkDNA, to determine matches based on social media activity, such as Facebook posts, digital bio, comments, etc. The program determines core personality qualities before matching users with people who have complementary personalities and behaviors, ensuring the match will actually be compatible.  No long, useless, easy to fool questionnaire required.

“We started LOV after realizing that dating online was like rolling the dice, and sites that offer questionnaires for better dates are flawed and time consuming.” reveals LOV Inc. founder, CJ Carter. “People subconsciously have a false self-perception making questions useless. Using SparkDNA we help users create long-term relationships with less effort in meeting compatible matches.”

We have taken the ease of Tinder, added the “smarts” like Match.com (minus the questions, of course), and combined parameters needed to mimic real-life interactions to create an all new dating app. LOV is sure to change the way people view and understand online dating. Our solution makes it hard to “not” be yourself and increases interactions bringing better dates and relationships.

What makes us different?

* We want to know the real you: It’s not easy to fool SparkDNA since it looks to understand you subconsciously.
* Everyone can join: Social network is not required, accounts verified through Twitter Digits.
* Quick Signup: After verification 2-3 click signup.
* Less human SPAM: after 12 introductions your account is invisible allowing you to focus on current prospects without the barrage of messages.
* Dealbreakers: Don’t want a smoker? Smokers won’t show on your feed and you won’t show on theirs.
* Freemium revenue model enables free usage. Need more than 5 conversations? $1 per extra LOV connection per month.

For more information and to get started on LOV, visit http://www.lovapp.co. Beta launching to begin early February. Contact CJ Carter if you’re interested in a test copy. First come, first serve. Only 100 user accounts available for testing, press only.

About LOV Inc.:
LOV Inc. is a privately—held corporation, founded in Atlanta, GA, with a focus on dating innovations. Our flagship application LOV is a mobile dating app designed to help users create long-term relationships while demanding less effort in meeting a compatible match.


For further information, please contact:
CJ Carter
LOV Inc.
[email protected]

Press Kit: lovapp.co/PressKit.zip