Dr. Pradeep Sinha has prepared an infographic on fractional laser resurfacing to better serve his patients with a quick-and-easy to digest educational resource.

Atlanta, GA — April 10, 2015
Dr. Pradeep Sinha, double board certified plastic surgeon located in Atlanta, GA, has created this visual infographic on fractional laser resurfacing to give his patients an easy way to digest educational information on this procedure. Realizing information may be better absorbed visually for some; Dr. Sinha has created a library of infographics to support the educational information on his site. Out of the cosmetic procedure series, this infographic is focused specifically on the non-surgical procedure, fractional laser resurfacing.

The infographic is themed towards the Dr. Sinha’s brand with graphics, colors, and design that is not only visually appealing but also contains a wealth of information on this specific procedure. Along with offering great information on fractional laser resurfacing, this infographic will be readily available on the practice’s blog and is also search engine optimized to allow all users interested in this procedure to find the infographic online.

Dr. Sinha brings his years of training and hands-on expertise to the infographic, providing viewers with insight from a medical professional and double board certified plastic surgeon. In addition to providing their patients with outstanding customer service at this practice, Dr. Sinha also wants to be a source for educational resources on anything related to health, skincare and plastic surgery.

Click to download and view the Fractional Laser Resurfacing infographic.

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