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With the 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil just around the corner, athlete performances are again going to inspire people in the games. Resources have explained the use of HealthyWiser’s digital pH meter in different aspects, such as food, drinking water, water pools, hot tubs and more. However, HealthyWiser articles have not delved on how to use them to monitor the pH levels of the food intake of athletes.

Athletes and sports enthusiasts have been known as the largest users of protein bars. These bars are filled with artificial preservatives. There are also energy drinks filled with sugar. There are also bottled waters filled with minerals. While these substances are not really bad for the health, there are experts who believe athletes should take caution when taking these drinks.

According to an article health coach Kelly Gonzalez wrote, this diet of athletes is sometimes "no better than" the usual diet of a sedentary office professional used to drink energy beverages and consume protein bars that are bought from the market.

“An overly acidic diet is bad news for anyone, but especially athletes,” Kelly Gonzalez mentioned. “An overly acidic condition in the body negatively impacts performance, prolongs recovery time in between intense training sessions, and increases the risk of injury.”

The health coach advised athletes and sports gurus to consume alkaline forming food sources to be able to make sure that their body is performing at the right levels. Gonzalez also advised on taking in alkaline water.

Some of the top athletes in the world have been known to consume alkaline forming food and water, which are free of impurities. They can neutralize free radicals and aid in hydration, the website of Kelly Gonzalez further noted.

The type of water that can aid athletes is known as Kangen water. Kangen water can enhance the performance of these athletes on the cellular level and increase the absorption of nutrients in their body.

It is also a time that athletes take this habit to the next level by becoming rest assured that they are taking in the right food and beverages to maintain pH levels. HealthyWiser’s digital pH meter is a product that provides accurate results with its auto calibration feature, digital display and free packs of buffer powder for these sports professionals. Plus, the product is also very portable and just like the smartphone, they can be slipped right inside the fitness bags for ease.

HealthyWiser is a company that offers products for beauty, personal health, and wellness.

For more information about HealthyWiser’s digital pH meter, check out its Amazon page and read some customer reviews about the product.

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