Newcastle, United Kingdom; 16/12/2013 Creating a campaign to raise money and increase awareness among people is no longer a tough job these days. Out of the different platforms available, Indiegogo happens to be an industry leading platform which helps different types of campaigns to raise money without the need to pay any upfront fees for the campaign. The owners of the campaigns are allowed to keep one hundred percent ownership and are not required to use a cent till they raise the money. One such campaign is the Athene: Utility Style Bracelet designed by John Mcroy. The campaign is offering a chance for people to get involved and rewarded simply by sharing it through different platforms. This revolutionary product can be considered as a bracelet, an eight GB flash drive and even a charger. 

Two different designs of the product are available which make sure that Android as well as iPhone users can enjoy this wonderful product. Both the bracelets work similar to standard USB cables which can be used to transfer files, charge the phone as well as sync the device to computer. Apart from that, the bracelet also contains eight GB of space for transferring or storing files. The aim of the campaign is to raise $ 10,000. The funders for the campaign are provided with the opportunity to select a brown or black leather colour according to their preference. 

It is compatible with every USB plug and the bracelet has been manufactured from original leather. The retail price of the bracelet is $38 and people can order as many bracelets as they want for their friends and family. Apart from its functionalities, the bracelet has an attractive look and can be adjusted from 18 — 22cm. The elegant look of the bracelet makes it ideal for both the sexes. The top five most referrals can get one Athene bracelet for free. On the other hand, if total referrals contributions go over $75 then, the person gets one Athene bracelet for free. 

The Athene bracelet by Red-O Marketing is a revolutionary product in the market which can serve different purposes. People who contribute to the campaign also get the chance to choose among different perks. The bracelet can serve as the perfect gift for people who find it difficult to carry charging cables as well as thumb drives with them, every time they travel. The USB is compatible with different iPhone models like 5, 5S, 5C and even iPad 4. People can contribute to this campaign simply by signing in to their Indiegogo account. Registration is absolutely free and can be completed within a short time. 

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Indiegogo is a platform provider to different campaigns which can be started without the need to pay any upfront fees. The company helps campaigns to gain maximum exposure by providing them with different types of social media tools for sharing and funding purpose of the campaigns.