Ever wondered how your dog really felt? Or which activity they enjoyed the most during playtime? INUPATHY says they have the answer.

A cute IoT wearable for dogs, the device is designed by a team in Japan called HACKist - a creative lab by HAKUHODO i-studio under the umbrella of Japanese ad giant HAKUHODO DY.

Dog wearables have evolved a lot in the past decade. Early attempts at dog-to-human translation include another Japanese product called BowLingual (2002), which interpreted the sound of a dog's bark. Today, instead of focusing on external signals like sound, INUPATHY's technology moves inward and monitors heart rate variability (HRV) in order to deduce emotions expressed by dogs. INUPATHY is the world’s first mental visualizer for dogs based on HRV.

By analyzing HRV, the empathy device can deduce excitement, relaxation, happiness and concentration, and show you these emotions using colored lights. In addition, INUPATHY logs daily health data using HRV and can help you detect any changes over time.

INUPATHY will be available for pre-order on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo on March 4. It will also be one of six IoT prototypes exhibiting at HACKist’s booth at the SXSW Trade Show from March 13 to March 16.

The six exhibiting prototypes at the HACKist SXSW booth are:
1.    INUPATHY: The world’s first dog mental visualizer based on heart rate monitoring. Available for pre-order on Indiegogo on March 4.
2.    Dig-Log: IoT device that gamifies snow shoveling and turns it into an enjoyable experience
3.    POSTIE: Messenger device to deliver simple yet meaningful handwritten paper messages, stickers and photos anytime, anywhere. Available for pre-order on Indiegogo on March 7.
4.    TREK TRACK: System that can locate the whereabouts of mountain climbers using their phones even when they have no reception, allowing climbers to be found and rescued faster in the event of an emergency.
5.    HELLO WORLD!: What if inanimate objects can talk? HELLO WORLD! Is a magic table that brings to life any object you place on its surface.
6.    PLAN-NET: A table clock that turns your calendar schedule into a work of art to help you visualize your time.

HACKist’s participation in SXSW Trade Show 2016

HACKist is a digital creative lab under HAKUHODO i-studio that designs and creates interactive devices to change the way people go about their daily lives using technology.

The creative lab’s prototypes are developed based what HACKist calls “Metamorphic Prototyping,” which is the modification of prototypes to suit various needs and issues of Sei-katsu-sha, meaning “living person.” This stands in contrast to the word Japanese marketers typically use for consumers, Sho-hi-sha, because HACKist aims to create new lifestyles with their products, not just sell.

HACKist has taken the initiative to exhibit prototypes based on their “Metamorphic Prototyping” concept since SXSW 2014. For their third SXSW entry, HACKist has been expanding their field of research with the aim to start crowdfunding initiatives and business with high-tech companies worldwide. Including INUPATHY, they will have six IoT prototypes in their exhibit this year.

Event Details
Event Name: South by Southwest (SXSW) 2016
Venue: Austin Convention Center (Texas, USA)
Exhibition Dates: March 13-16
Booth location: Stand 1827, 1829, 1831

For more information, simply visit: http://inupathy.com/

About HACKist ???
HACKist is a creative lab created by HAKUHODO i-studio’s designers and engineers who volunteer their time to create prototypes that provide value and solutions in everyday life by fusing art, technology and communication ideas together.

HACKist creates devices by combining original platforms and sensors, then developing apps that link to these devices. Some of HACKist’s other activities include creating new advertising models, creating event experiences and developing products using technologies such as WebGL, openFrameworks and UNITY.

About HAKUHODO i-studio ???
HAKUHODO i-studio is a digital production company under HAKUHODO DY Group, the seventh largest advertising group in the world and the second largest in Japan. HAKUHODO i-studio provides high quality and one-stop support in planning and developing corporate, promotion and campaign websites as well as consulting, PDCA management and localization services to clients in Japan, China and ASEAN countries.

Additionally, HAKUHODO i-studio develops and provides solutions in areas such as smartphone services and apps, online video marketing, social media, O2O and cloud services.

Website: http://inupathy.com/
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