Assurance Wireless, a major provider of subsidized cell phones, recently announced several new plans designed to help consumers have access to cellular service. A cell phone is now a necessity and having even basic cellular service in order to stay in contact with friends and family or to make emergency calls is essential. In recent years, many service providers have developed plans that work in conjunction with government subsidized programs to get cell phones in the hands of consumers who may not otherwise be able to afford them and Assurance Wireless is one of the leading providers.

Assurance Wireless works with those who are eligible for the subsidized phone service and is backed by Virgin Mobiles USA. For those who meet eligibility requirements, the Assurance Wireless phones are free. Most eligibility requirements are straight forward and the phones are available for low-income, unemployed or disabled citizens. Those who have taken advantage of the Assurance Wireless plans find the free minutes and ability to call locally as well as long distance to be extremely valuable. 

Assurance Wireless offers a basic plan and also several upgradable plans for those who can afford a bit more. The basic plan guarantees eligible subscribers 250 free voice minutes and 250 free texts. There are also plans that allow greater amounts of service if the user chooses to pay a small fee and there are monthly plans available. With the upgraded and monthly plan options users are able to get access to many more minutes, a greater number of text messages and more web browsing.

A company spokesman revealed that the eligibility requirements are not as stringent as many believe and that those who are already enrolled in a government assistance program are almost always accepted into the free cell phone program. For those not on a government assistance program there are income requirements to become eligible. Users are cautioned that this particular program is not available in all 50 states and they should check all rules and regulations before choosing this program.

Those who want to learn more about the Assurance Wireless plan can visit a dedicated Wireless Gov Phone website that analyzes the Assurance Wireless plan as well as others. This helpful site also lets visitors read reviews of the Assurance Wireless plan and contact an expert for more information -