If you are a pet owner, you would be well aware of the agony that pet owners go through when it comes to traveling out of town on their own. Even though they might be enjoying on the surface, deep down there is always the worry pertaining to whether the pet might have been fed properly and whether it is comfortable. One of the ways of staying at ease as a pet owner entails leaving your cat in charge of a good cat boarding Stoke facility. These might be privately owned or run by veterinarian clinics but the onus is on you as the pet owner to check the cat boarding Stoke on Trent facility thoroughly before entrusting your pet in their care.

Paying a visit to each of the cat boarding Stoke facilities is the best way to find out how good or bad the living conditions are. An over-riding factor is that of cleanliness and this can be determined as soon as you walk in through the door. Given that it is a facility that houses pets, there is bound to be a typical odor but it should not be strong enough to the point of being overwhelming or causing you to feel nauseous. Presence of mold on the premises is a complete no-no as are subtle signs of deterioration. Overall, the place should appear neat, tidy and well maintained.

As you move on to the inner areas, some of the points that you must observe pertain to the degree of ventilation, safety aspect, outdoor areas and security. Because cat boarding Stoke on Trent is meant to house cats, there should be clearly demarcated kennels for each of the animals. Each must comprise of a comfortable bed for sleeping, separate and clean bowls for food and water and nothing that could potentially cause injury. There needs to be a separate area for sick animals and the facility must have an operational heater/cooler to maintain temperatures.

Depending on whether your cat likes to be on its own or loves the company of other cats, you could opt for a cat boarding Stoke on Trent facility based on the level of interaction that it permits. For a cat who loves being pampered, a luxurious hotel is a good option wherein it will be groomed regularly and meted out special treatment. Then there are boarding centers that offer cottages for housing cats rather than confine them within cages. Every cottage is a self contained unit comprising of a playpen, a comfortable sleeping area and a drinking fountain. This is probably the best option for a pet owner who values privacy and safety over everything else.

More than anything else, it is your pet that you need to prepare for the forthcoming separation. Your pet will miss you as much as you miss her/him and some reassurance from your end will go a long way in enabling it to cope up with the separation. To this effect, most cat boarding Stoke facilities permit home owners to leave behind a tell-tale sign that the animal will be able to identify and hence will not feel abandoned. A plaything, a favorite pillow or a tag will remind your cat of you and the home it belongs to and enable it to settle down comfortably.

Choosing a proper cat boarding Stoke facility would relieve you from much of the stress pertaining to your cat when you are traveling. A thorough check is the best way to ensure that the particular cat boarding Stoke on Trent is the ideal accommodation for your pet in terms of comfort, health and security.