Asian American rapper Big Will has released his three year anticipated album “Big Willin” with Rude Boy Family UK, his record label and partnered management company.

May 11, 2016, (London, UK) - The new album features twelve new songs written and performed by Big Will along with four new music videos that will be released throughout the year. “Big Willin” is Big Will’s third and latest album.

The first single released from the album is his smash record with label mate Adaire entitled “Rude Boy Party” which is set to release this upcoming summer. The album will also include three other single records “My Ride,” “Remember When,” and “Get You Back.”

Rude Boy Family UK the record label is based out of London UK and is currently signing other artists to it’s roster while releasing new music from their current catalogs. Big Will is also one of the founders of the Rude Boy Family as well as the clothing line Rude Boy Family. He is also the first official signed artist of the company from their launch in 2011.

Throughout the last ten years, Big Will has captivated the likes of fans all over world including the mass of Asian communities around the globe. His first commercial album Man In The Mirror impacted the airwaves of over 20 countries with his first hit single “I Can Tell." The record also made radio in the USA and UK. The album also made the charts for retail sales in Japan. His second album “Cry Now Laugh Later" did almost equally as well in 2013 with his leading singles “Hello Kitty” and “Anything You Like” which both will appear in his Greatest Hits release at the end of 2016.

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Company Name: Rude Boy Family Records
Contact Name: Greg ‘Cat’ Bernstein
Phone: +44 20 8944 0832
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