NEW YORK — September 2, 2015 - Art Nation is excited to announce that we have booked the popular New York artist Marko Stout to exhibit works from his latest “Chelsea Girls” series at our SoHo show this September. The Art Nation Show will feature the latest works of Marko Stout and other prominent well established international artists during our 2015 SoHo show and exhibition.
Today’s art collectors are no longer looking for art that’s just pretty- they want rigor and art that tells a story. As Marko Stout enters high-end luxury art markets, many collectors are turning their attention to the vibrancy of his work.

Marko Stout is a fervently prolific mixed media artist and urban storyteller of sorts. Manhattan-based but in no way bounded, his artistic “limitations” are both ceaseless and seamless. Celebrated for his innate ability to entwine styles of the gritty urban world- particularly NYC with the erotic aura of feminine ferocity, Marko’s inventive work has taken Manhattan by storm; a storm that has no intention of turning into a steady drizzle anytime soon!

Marko Stout’s work represents the powerful culmination of Post-Modern sentiments that were sown in the mid-20th century. All the elements work together to create a buzzing and certain amount of chaos. Individually, the pieces are discordant and thought provoking; as a collection, they are dazzling. A recent art review by the Huffington Post stated, "Marko Stout's profound spin on such a relatable aspect of the human experience leaves viewers aware, unshackled and connected to the grit of New York City, in the best way possible!"

This year’s Art Nation show will take place September 23rd thru September 27th at 345 Broome Street in the SoHo art district of New York City.  Marko Stout will be present during the opening night reception to discuss his work and his latest collection, “Chelsea Girls”.

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