Ontario Canada March 3, 2016 Icielani is a female led, multi-talented performance recording artist from Canada. She is a crossover artist that sings within three genres; Dance, R&B, and Urban Pop. Her latest single, “No More Tears” is expected to have an early release date. Originally, it was scheduled to be released on March 15th, 2016. But with Icielani being loyal to her fans, and her fans getting anxious about her single, she has moved the date forward, and will now release it a few days earlier on March 11, 2016. The track is a feel good dance song that will be available in stores and at streaming sites worldwide.

Icielani is also launching a new website March 11, 2016, where fans can get an exclusive sneak peak at her new single ‘No More Tears’. The artist will be shooting a video to go along with the single 'No More Tears' on March 5th. The music video will feature behind the scenes video footage, fans can explore at the new website and on her YouTube and Vevo Channel.

Icielani states; ““No More Tears” is about going through hard times in life and overcoming sadness and just being. Happy with who you are. When you have cried so much that you can’t cry any more you have overcome. You could also be getting over past relationships or starting a new relationship. It’s definitely something everyone can relate to. That is the principle of why the song is titled, “No More Tears”.”

A Spanish version that will be available in her upcoming album release that’s expected this September 2016.

The artist is inviting fans to follow her on Twitter at: twitter.com/icielani and on her new website www.icielani.com that’s soon to launch.

Learn more by visiting www.icielani.com

Website: www.icielani.com
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