Even though the article marketing landscape has changed with Google's Farmer/Panda update, you can learn how to make it work better for you. In the years before the war on content farms began in earnest, there were essentially two approaches to article marketing. Although some article marketers took the path of syndication, which meant producing high quality articles, a larger number focused more on quantity, relying on the directories to get their articles quickly ranked. What counts today, though, is quality content, as the search engines aren't as likely to rank articles that appear in directories as they used to be.

If you make good use of data, or numbers, in the titles of your article you will catch eyes. For example, 5 Ways To Grow Larger and Better Tasting Tomatoes, will automatically tend to make people wonder what those five ways are. We know you have seen magazine articles that made very good use of this technique, so it does work pretty well. The gossip papers that you see at the newsstands have copywriters who specialize in headlines, and they are well compensated. The entire headline has to work well and properly address the concerns of your audience. It's typical for article marketers to write articles, submit them to directories and then do nothing else. Since you can't be sure what kind of results you'll get from any single action, you shouldn't limit yourself in this way. The following is just one option that will allow you to take your article marketing to the next level. Look for authority sites related to your own topic, sites that have a good reputation and get plenty of visitors. Ask these webmasters if they'd be open to publishing your articles -at first one article, and then perhaps regularly. If you've already published a large number of articles, you could send these website owners links.

Content theft is a daily problem on the internet, and something you've likely experienced before. If you've published many articles on well known directories, chances are some of these articles are on other people's sites, in many cases without the resource box they are supposed to include. By taking the right approach, though, it's sometimes possible to take advantage of this practice and actually gain from it. Rather than get upset when you find that someone has swiped your content, write to them and make an offer. Let them know that you're aware of the situation, but be courteous with them. Tell them that if they're willing to include a link back to your site that not only can they keep the article they've already taken, but that you'd be glad to supply them with more. The alternative is to simply remove the offending article from their site; otherwise, let them know you're prepared to file a DMCA notice that could get their site taken down. By maintaining a professional approach to article marketing, there's no limit to what it can accomplish for your online business. As with anything else, your results are heavily influenced by the way you think about article marketing. Making an adjustment in your outlook, then, can make all the difference in the results you get from article marketing. So make up your mind that you will become as knowledgeable about article marketing as you can, and that you'll put your knowledge to good use.

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