11, February 2015: Integrated Bodywork, specialising in healing for the mind, body, and soul, has introduced a professional aromatherapy massage that relieves tired and aching muscles. A soft massage technique, it is conducted by professional massage therapist Sue Carberry. Light strokes sooth muscles while essential oils hydrate and purify the skin, whilst aromas are used to soothe the mind and stimulate natural healing. 

The oils used are extracted from plants. For people who request it, special blends of oils can be used based on their needs. The scents of the aromatherapy compounds are derived from essential oils. 

Oils integrated into the process have been used to treat infections, skin disorders, stress, and immune deficiencies. Some also stimulate parts of the brain that sense smell, control heart rate and blood pressure, memory, stress, hormones, and breathing. 

Aromatherapy is known to reduce stress and anxiety while impacting personal well being on a physical and psychological level. Sue Carberry is experienced in this area and specialises in Reiki healing, sports massage, Swedish massage, and deep tissue massage. The aromatherapy session is intended to be both relaxing and reviving. 

Sue began her training as a Reiki healer in 1987. An Australian native, she later trained at the Tisserand Institute in the UK, working as an Aromatherapist. She continues to build knowledge and skills and today lectures and teaches other therapists. From a private practice, Sue continues to help regular clients. 

More information about the Aromatherapy Massage and other massage treatments, plus access to details on symptoms, a newsletter sign up, and booking appointments, can be found at http://www.integratedbodywork.co.uk/integrated-bodywork/aromatherapy