Clarks Summit, Pa. —  May 26 2016 - Fine Line Living today announced that its newest essential oil diffuser, the 200ml AromaDoma, which debuted on Amazon earlier in the month, has experienced surprisingly brisk early sales. The diffuser was recently added to the company's lineup of existing aromatherapy products.

“We never really know how a new product is going to perform when we add it to our lineup,” stated Tina Traver, founder and CEO of Fine Line Living. “In fact, it's unusual that we see this kind of sales activity so close to launching it on Amazon, especially since the design of the AromaDoma diffuser is a bit different than what people are generally used to seeing. So needless to say, I very pleased to see these initial results.”

The “Doma,” as it is called by the staff at Fine Line, is a diffuser that is round in shape, measuring six inches in diameter. The inner part of the diffuser is a soft white with a small lid with a cone shaped top and is covered by a clear plastic dome with the same shape of cone to give it a very unique look. The height of the diffuser is just under five inches to make it a diffuser that can fit just about anywhere in a customers house.

“We chose this design for three reasons” adds Traver. “One, it's very simple to operate, two, it has 3 different misting modes to choose from and the last reason is that this essential oil diffuser is extremely quiet so people can use it at night in a bedroom to help them sleep.”

Additional features of this new diffuser include automatic shut off for each misting mode and the ability to control the LED lighting with a touch of a button. As stated earlier, the capacity is 200ml to give a customer a long run time without the need for refilling.

To give customers added peace of mind when purchasing, each AromaDoma essential oil diffuser is backed by an unprecedented lifetime warranty.
Whether you are just getting started with essential oils or you are looking to add another diffuser to your home, the AromaDoma by Fine Line Living deserves a closer look. You can learn more by going here.

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