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Arjun Rampal and Neha Dhupia salute the spirit of the soldier in the Aam Aadmi with Gillette‘s Blade of Honour

Thousands across the nation pledge to imbibe the values of a Soldier
Mumbai: In a ceremony, Gillette India paid a special salute to the citizen soldiers by felicitating them with a Blade of Honour. Arjun Rampal and Neha Dhupia presented the awards to Late. Vinod Parihar, Vijay Agrawal and K.G Naik commending them for epitomizing the 5 core soldier values of grooming, integrity, courage, confidence and camaraderie. Blade of Honour is Gillette‘s endeavour to bring forth awe-inspiring stories of every day soldiers whose acts have positively impacted the lives of people around them.
Gillette‘s Salute the Soldier campaign believes that there is a soldier in everyone. The initiative was born out of a consumer insight from a Nielsen India survey which said that a majority of Indian men and women think that Soldiers embody the best fusion of the values of Confidence, Courage, Camaraderie, Grooming and Integrity. The campaign therefore continues to garner overwhelming response from consumers across the country as it resonates with the sentiment of every citizen. Through the campaign, Indians not only salute the spirit of the Soldier but also solemnly pledge to imbibe the soldier values.
The family and friends of the Blade of Honour winners are true believers of the fact that there is a hero in each one of us and the stories of their beloved bear ample testimony to this fact. While Abhishek Parihar idolizes his father, Late.Vinod Parihar for being a true “civil soldier” always lending a helping hand to those in distress, Kanwaljit Pardeshi feels that his best friend, Vishal Agrawal inspires him to be a better person by setting an example out of his life. On the other hand Shreyash Naik takes his motivation from his uncle, K.G Naik who boldly stepped out from his comfort zone to rescue a complete stranger injured in an accident.
Actor & Brand ambassador of Gillette India, Arjun Rampal said, “I truly think that an increasing number of Indians are rising to the fact that an ideal man is the perfect blend of the five values and are taking an effort to imbibe them in their day to day life. The winning stories of Gillette Blade of Honour are truly heart-warming and demonstrates how one can impact the lives of people around them through such actions. It is therefore important to believe in the hero that exists in each of us. Along with Gillette, I salute their Soldier like spirit.”
Commenting on her support to Gillette Salutes the Soldier in You, actress Neha Dhupia, “I have been associated with this campaign since its inception and I feel that it is a great effort to salute the citizen soldiers of our nation. I believe there are many such inspirational stories we can learn from to awaken the soldier in each of us. There is a hero in all of us and the Blade of Honour winners are true testimonies to that”.
Gillette launched the campaign ´Gillette Salutes the Soldier in You‘ earlier in November following the results of the Nielsen India survey. A nationwide hunt led the Soldiers to emerge as the winner by a huge majority. In keeping with the spirit of the best a man can get, Gillette initiated an effort to Salute the Soldier by unveiling a new range of specially designed soldier packs. Through this campaign, Gillette India helped to generate funds for the welfare of soldiers & their families and will channelize the resources via a well-known NGO ´Sainik Welfare Organization‘.
Sainik Welfare Organization-India is a social service organization with the sole objective of serving two segments of central government uniformed personnel, the Serving and the Retired who shares the right to a decent standard of living together within the same community after retirement from active service. The funds will be used towards supporting soldiers in need, covering the below:
• Retired Soldiers
• Injured/Deceased Soldiers
• Families of soldiers who are in need
Speaking on occasion, Sharat Verma, Marketing Manager, Gillette India Limited, said, “We are extremely humbled by the overwhelming response this campaign has received so far. We salute the spirit of the soldier in every Indian and look forward to helping soldiers in need with our association with Sainik Welfare Organization.”
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