Perth, United Kingdom; 22, July 2016: It's no secret that Britain is an enterprising nation. Scotland has seen particular growth in the business sector. With more new startups launched each year, it's clearly a welcome bonus to the economy.

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But, the one thing that many startup businesses find challenging is paperwork. All companies have plenty of red tape to deal with on a daily basis. One such example is with payroll. These days, it isn't just a question of paying employees on time. It's also about ensuring all taxes get declared and paid correctly. Plus, all staff need to get taxed at the correct rates.

For many young companies, hiring in-house payroll accounting staff is expensive. One Perth accountancy firm has proven that outsourced payroll services offer a real solution. ARH Accountant Services provide tailored payroll and bookkeeping services to startups and growing firms. So, why is such a solution so popular with Perth's companies these days?

Fewer costs to bear

It doesn't matter whether a company is a new startup or has been established some time ago. What does matter is they keep their costs down as much as possible for increased profit.

Hiring an in-house accountant or bookkeeper is often an expensive option for businesses. The advantage of outsourced payroll services is the lower costs.

For example, there's no need to deal with employment contracts or taxes. All one has to do is pay an invoice for the services provided. Another benefit is the ad-hoc service advantage. In a nutshell, companies can use outsourced payroll services when they need them.

Accessible bookkeeping experts

Organising paperwork relating to employee payroll functions is seldom easy. Especially when a company hires a plethora of people on a seasonal or part-time basis. As a result, it can be hard for one single person to manage a vast payroll system - even if they work full-time.

The solution to that problem is to use outsourced payroll services. Doing so means that firms can rely on a team of payroll experts, not just one individual.

Outsourcing is ideal for companies on a budget

Any small and growing business needs to keep all costs to the bare bones. These days, it's expensive to hire people to work directly for a company. Outsourcing offers a real alternative to those growing firms.

For a start, they can benefit from having access to a team of experts at any given time. Second, they don't have to worry about training people in bookkeeping practices. And, third, they can scale the services needed as their businesses evolve. For more details of the outsourced payroll services ARH offer, visit

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