Sanford, NC — Oct. 22, 2015 — For many years many magazines and blogs alike have made mention that women often look at a man’s hand to help determine if she is attracted to them. ‘A persons hand can tell you a lot about their character and strength’ one of the survey participants commented. So what makes an attractive hand

1.    Size
No surprises here but no woman wants a man’s hand to be smaller than hers. However the proportion of finger length compared to the palm of the hand must be consistent. Long spaghetti fingers are a definite turn off according to most women. But hey, not everyone is the same. Unfortunately the size of your hands and its proportion really comes down to luck and your genetics.

2.    Strength
However, one aspect of your hands you can work on and improve to become ‘more attractive’ is your hand and forearm strength. Hands that have vascularity and have a strong grip are always a plus. Need to improve this? Hand grippers are a tool specifically for improving hand and grip strength. We suggest trying Supreme Squeeze which offers a strong resistance and training tips. You will have hulk hands in no time!

3.    Hygiene
This one is a tricky one. Women do not want a man’s hands to appear feminine and overly groomed and ‘soft’ but at the same time do not want them to always be dirty. So the key point here is - wash your hands! Women are very observant, if they see that your hands are often dirty they will assume you are a grub and do not look after yourself. But at the same time, if your hands are too girly, you won’t appear manly enough. So be sure to find that balance.

So if you are looking to impress a girl look after your hands with some basic hygiene and purchase some hand grippers and start squeezing so you can get the muscular look.

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