The United States America, December 27, 2013: Chainsaws are one of the highly useful machines that exist on Earth. Though they are not manufactured for general use, they are considered essential in the industries to which they are relevant. Different companies make various models of chainsaws in order to meet diverse demand of professionals as well as families. Arborist101 is a website that is useful in the determination of usefulness of certain models for chainsaw. In other words, it is a genuine resource for unbiased reviews on chainsaws. It is a third-party source and does not belong to any specific group of users or is influenced by any manufacturer. Therefore, the reviews provided at are professionally sound and reliable for consumers. 

Arbosrist101 has unbiased research methodology for chainsaw reviews, which is based on data collected from various forums, customer review websites and opinions of product experts. The reviewers are real customers and experts, who are not paid compensation in any kind for their contribution. The same is true for the website, which does not accept commission in any form from individuals or companies. Thus, the content and the ratings on the website are completely reliable. 

The largest contribution to chainsaw reviews on Arborist101 is made by online forums of real users of chainsaws. The website collects information from more than 900 forums, where users post their experience with one or more chainsaw model. Most users mention significant advantages and disadvantages of the brand. Besides, many online shopping websites such as Amazon, Overstock, etc. have option for customers to review the product that they have purchased. Arborist101 uses such reviews in unedited form and only those that are made by customers who have the product for considerable period. Testimonials displayed on websites of manufacturers or franchisees are not even considered. On top of that, the website personnel interview them about brand and model in general. All the collected data is critically analysed and formulated into statistical as well as written chainsaw reviews. Thus, visitors are able to easily sort the models that might be relevant to them and find the best one among those. 

Arborist101 has categorised chainsaw reviews within 6 heads. Among them 3 are based on fuel and the other 3 are based on usage. Thus, visitors can filter reviews on the basis of gas chainsaws, electric chainsaws and cordless chainsaws or for occasional use, regular use and professional use. In short, Arborist101 is a simple website with authentic chainsaw reviews. 

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Arborist101 is an online reviewing website for chainsaws. It has unbiased research methodology and does not accept compensation in any form from individuals or companies. Reviews are categorised under numerous segments so that a particular kind can be easily filtered.