26, February 2016: App development is making processes quicker, cheaper and easier across many different industries thanks to real time inputting of data, communication and automation of processes. Insurance companies are taking advantage and are getting ahead of the competition by reaping the benefits of app development. With Magora, you can streamline insurance management procedures, provide customers with better service and allow easy access to their account. The time to harness the power of app development is now - make your services stand out from the crowd.

What can be achieved with bespoke software and app development?

● Make sales through the app — do it quicker & without the middleman - cut costs, increase the customers’ orders flow.

● Cut out paperwork by putting data, doing analysis, implementing calls, and creating reports through the app.

● Improve the data input and avoid a lot of manual mistakes by providing on-line policy prolongation and upsales - get more long term contracts.

● Get the fresh feedback, provide quicker solution to the customers needs and enhance your customer's loyalty and online brand awareness via web and mobile apps.

Common Problems Solved By Apps

● Selling a policy is Expensive
Selling an insurance policy in the traditional model is costly. Face to face sales in a brick and mortar location necessitate a trained sales executive to spend a significant amount of time to explain the policy details and make the sale, which costs the company a lot of money. A bespoke mobile app allows an individual to buy a policy through their handheld device in a way that is quick and easy. The process is designed around your unique client base and your company’s particular needs. A better customer experience enhances your brand, strengthens loyalty and boosts your profitability. The automation no longer requires an insurance expert to complete the transaction, cutting costs for the insurance provider.

● Reporting on Damage is Slow and Costly

Verifying damage claimed by customers is crucial if insurance companies are to pay only what they owe as per the policy, and to therefore maintain profit margins. Home visits are often necessary, which are costly. Mobile apps can mitigate this problem by policyholders filing claims, scheduling visits and reporting their damage through the app. It also allows the speeding up of reporting by allowing insurance assessors to report in real time from the site. Information and photos can be inputted into the app in real time and assessed by teams before the assessor even returns to the office.

It is possible to go even one step further. With a custom-built app, whatever problems or issues you need resolving, we at Magora can build a bespoke solution. We’ve designed more than 300 projects for business and have experience in transport, warehouse and insurance customs software development. We are here to understand your unique business demands and to turn your particular problems and inefficiencies into opportunities. Everything is centered around one thing: exploiting opportunities to make your business more profitable.

With the new technology it is possible to decrease the costs nearly to 30 per cent. For example, policy holders can hold remote video chats with account managers to get rush consultation. Assessors can see the damage, ask questions and make a decision in real time whether the claim is legitimate, all without visiting the actual site. Electronic payments can be made instantly.

Other Benefits

Manage Policy through the App

Through a bespoke app, policyholders can change their policy details and buy new products from their smartphone which enhances the customer experience, builds loyalty and results in more sales.

Marketing and Need Analysis

Apps can collect customer data in real time, providing easy needs analysis and facilitates targeted cross-selling of relevant products. The marketing power with this kind of information and subsequent disseminating of suggested products is hugely valuable.

Magora can develop bespoke software and mobile apps to make your insurance company’s operations more streamlined and cost-effective, whilst simultaneously enhancing the customer experience. Faster reporting, sales and targeted marketing are just some of the ways your company can harness the power of custom app development.

Get a Bespoke Software Solution Built Around Your Company

Magora business app developers will work together with your company managers to get a deep understanding of your specific problems and to provide a framework for your app to be incorporated into your business model, then deliver it with specific goals in mind. We are here to turn shortcomings into new opportunities. The end result is increased efficiency and reduced costs.

Contact Magora business and development expert today to get expert advice for your business on our site: magora-systems.com.

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