Apollo Technical (http://apollotechnical.com) is the Southern States technical employment solutions masters. From the Carolinas through Texas, Apollo Technical is second to none in finding you the right candidate for the engineering, drafting or IT positions you need to fill.

Apollo Technical also offers you unique and powerful hiring solutions that can save you money and time. Through our innovative employment possibilities, Apollo Technical is able to bring you the right employee, on your terms. (temp agencies in atlanta)

Temporary/Contract Employees — Not every position requires a long-term commitment. Apollo Technical allows you to bring in the experts you need for the time that you need them. You don't have to hire someone for a lifetime for a job that will only last for a few months or years.

Contract to Hire — Better than the ambiguous “90 day probation period,” you can hire an Apollo candidate under a limited term contract then hire them if you would like. This gives you a chance to “try before you buy” and there is no obligation to keep the employee on beyond the term of the initial contract. However, if the employee is just right for the job, you can keep them on permanently.

Direct Hire — We will provide you with candidates who meet every prerequisite and need that you have defined. Once we have vetted them, you can select the right candidate and put them to work for you right away. Apollo is dedicated to making sure that you have the right team in place to keep your business moving smoothly.

Payrolling Service — Rather than you needing to rehire a former employee or a consultant, Apollo will hire them, pay them and handle all the taxes, etc. You are able to simply put the right person to work right away. Using our payrolling service is ideal for any time that you need to bring someone on board, but don't want all the hassle that is involved in putting them on your payroll.

All this and NO RISK! We offer these services with a simple guarantee: We will work to fill your open positions without any up-front fees or cost to you to engage our services. You don't pay anything unless we find you the right person to do the job.

Apollo Technical is the only recruiting agency you need to help you find the engineering and IT specialists that will keep your company moving forward and growing.

We invite you to take a look at our website, http://www.apollotechnical.com/ and see all the classifications of positions we fill. You can contact us through the website or email us at [email protected]

In or near these cities, you can call us:

Atlanta 404-474-4571
Dallas 214-257-7733
Austin/San Antonio 512-686-1181
Houston 832-519-1704
The Carolinas 919-886-5522