Guangzhou, China; 10, February 2015: APA GAME offers a range of games and game machines for children to enhance their gaming experience. They have a variety of games and machines at cheap prices for children to spend their free times, enjoying exciting and thrilling video games. The company announces the availability of various games, gaming consoles, simulators and other machines at cheap prices.

The spokesperson of APA GAME reveals that they have the best FEC game for children that can offer them a great entertainment in their free times. The family entertainment games with colorful lights and cheerful music enhance the gaming experience, and children find it more exciting to enjoy the games. There are several types of games where children need to use their brain and intelligence and which help them develop their mental abilities. Thus, these games are not only for entertainment, but they could play a role in memory enhancement and cognitive skill development among children.

APA GAME has recently added IGS fishing game to their portfolio, which can offer a thrilling gaming experience to the modern-age children. The game requires children to shoot fishes that appear on screen. Released in January, 2015, the game is gaining a huge popularity among the worldwide children. APA GAME is offering this fishing game machine at the best prices for children to enjoy the game. According to the spokesperson, the game with new background images and additional new fishes offer more excitement to the children.

They also announce the availability of the new children hitting game machine like Naughty Beans. On this new music hit machine, two players can play together and can enjoy the game. Fitted with colorful LEDs, the machine brings a new gaming experience with more excitement in a cheerful environment. APA GAME can ship their game machines all across the world, and they have an efficient delivery mechanism in place for the global customers. One can check all types of games and game machines available with them by visiting their website


APA Game-Asia Pacific Amusement Consultants Co., Limited was found in 2011, located in Panyu-the largest game machine industrial area. APA Game specializes in international trade of game machines. The company imports game machines from Japan and exports all kinds of game machines from China to overseas. They sell all kinds of game machines, such as coin-operated game, racing, shooting, recreation, redemption, coin pusher, crane, prize, simulator, basketball machines and kiddie ride for game center from China, or used Japanese games from Japan.

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