15, October 2016: AnyFlip HTML5 flipbook Software is created with the goal to be irreplaceable supporter of beginning business owners. It enables them to effectively promote and advertise their companies online to make them stand out of the competition. Thanks to this powerful digital publishing tool, businesses can experience high traffic, rapid growth and unexpected expansion.

AnyFlip is able to easily convert business PDF files into an eye-catching flipbook. Rich in diverse useful features, this html5 flipbook software can greatly enrich the reading experience with the multiple interactive elements added into the publication. No special training or technical background is needed to work with AnyFlip. It is made very user-friendly to save users’ time.

Conversion of PDF into a well-designed flipbook takes just a few minutes. Using desktop software, people can also publish their engaging content in different formats, such as app, html, exe and fbr. The ready publication can be distributed both offline and online using social media, newsletter campaigns, and other marketing strategies to reach as many prospects as possible.

Anna Lee, Chief Designer of AnyFlip, is delighted to share: “As user-friendly as it is, AnyFlip is made for professionals. Our html5 flipbook software is able to provoke huge changes in your business, convincing readers in the merits of your business. All that users need to do is to take advantage of our software’s valuable asset and make persuasive HTML5 flipbooks. The results on their business would surpass all expectations. ”

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About AnyFlip:

As a world leading technology provider, AniFlip makes revolution in digital publishing. AnyFlip Software enables businesses to effortlessly convert static PDFs into elegant and content rich html5 flipping booklike publications that pursue the readers to make a decision.

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