Zigong City, Sichuan Province, China, 11, May 2016: China based Zigong Chuangying Intelligent Technology Company announces to supply dinosaur costumes, animatronic dinosaurs, fiberglass sculptures etc that can be installed in amusement parks, zoos and other places. These costumes and models can be an excellent way to learn about this Jurassic age animal, which has now no existence on our planet. Besides, a realistic dinosaur costume can be a tremendous source of fun and amusement.

The company supplies a wide variety of realistic dinosaur costumes that feature vivid movements for a realistic appearance. A performer can easily get into the costumes and can perform for several minutes with head, tail, neck and other movements to enthrall the audience. The costume features an easy to control mechanism, allowing a performer to move different parts of the dinosaur in a fun manner. The company also provides learning videos, and one can easily learn to perform wearing the costume in just two weeks.

The walking dinosaur costume can bring fun and excitement for people visiting parks, amusement centers, exhibitions and other places. The costumes feature different body movements and coordinating sounds that make its appearance more realistic. The costume has a screen and a performer can see outside through a camera. Although the costume weighs more than 20 kg, but one can easily move along to make it dynamic and more exciting for the onlookers or the audience.

Besides, dinosaursuit.com offers a range of animatronic animals, including animatronic deers, animatronic tigers, animatronic pandas, animatronic crocodiles and other animals. One can find various animatronic dinosaur models, available in different sizes and different colors. The models are made from fiberglass, steel parts, foam and other materials that give a realistic appearance to the models. The dinosaur models feature actual roaring and breathing sounds and can allow a user to make different body movements.

Dinosaursuit.com supplies all dinosaur costumes and models with the quality standard certification that ensure the quality of the products. In order to learn more about the animal costumes and models they supply one can visit their website http://www.dinosaursuit.com/ .

About Zigong Chuangying Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Zigong Chuangying Intelligent Technology Company is located in the National High-Tech Industrial Zone of Zigong City, Sichuan Province, China. The company covers an area of over 3000 square meters and currently employs more than 110 staffs. The company’s core technology team is composed of some top talents having at least 12 years of relevant working experience. The company specializes in designing, manufacturing, exhibiting and renting of Animatronic Dinosaur, Artificial Animal, Dinosaur fossil, Dinosaur costume, Dinosaur ride, Dinosaur skeleton, and fiberglass sculptures.

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