19, February 2015: Andy discusses that the wise-men and prophets have actually said that for a complete fulfillment in life it’s essential for us to know what we want, while understanding it would be a rough ride to conquer exactly what’s probably the biggest afflict on earth. Andy states that the problems begin when a whole stack of reasons enter your mind about why it’s not going to be possible to make it actually take place.

success made certain

International speaker Andy Shaw stated… “The question is, if you can figure out what you want, then which one of the A-Z success stoppers list will you fall at?” Andy then started to rattle off the list of things that usually prevent individuals from getting the success they deserve, with examples like “no confidence to communicate with people and network,” or “can’t take the risk,” and the problem of “no cash to set up venture.” 

Andy explained how he came up with the success stoppers list during one of his flagship gatherings last month, where his students assembled the list with others like “cannot take criticism,” “do not trust others,” and “lack of self-confidence.” He included… “At last month’s Success Made Certain occasion I got everybody to come up with all the reasons they could actually come up with, about why their dreams would not take place. Really, it’s one of my favorite parts of the gathering, as I’m not even there, so I get them to bring all the reasons why, out into the open, without me being there on purpose. The 17 students delivered 95 reasons why their success was not going to be guaranteed. However, on the morning of the final day of the last gathering, they managed to get over every one of them before we reached lunch, with the outcome being that it made their success question-less!” 

The best selling author of “Using A Bug Free Mind” discussed how vital it was to have the right state of mind first in order to obtain success. He added… “If you have the ability to conquer your ego’s persistence to draw you far from discovering what you truly want from life, then you will certainly have to conquer all the challenges before you are able to progress. By doing this, your success becomes certain! A pal said to me in January 2011, “But Andy, how can you possibly understand your success is certain.” So, I explained to him it truly was a done deal. I hadn’t learned at that time ways to verbalize like I do now, because I ‘d determined exactly what I wanted, I had actually been able to overcome all of the state of mind challenges, then was able to design the plan to implement my dream into my life, which in my own words is Success Made Certain.” 

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