Sydney, Australia; 20, January 2016: There's no denying that the Blue Mountains offers some magnificent views! People travel from far and wide just to get a glimpse of this beautiful part of New South Wales. Those planning to visit the area can trust Anderson's Tours with their itinerary.

Anderson's Tours

Why Anderson's Tours?

When it comes to visiting the Blue Mountains, one could visit the area by themselves. But, if they entrust Anderson's Tours with their itinerary, they can enjoy the following:

* Experienced Guides. The tour provider has staff that are all experienced with the local area. They engage with their clients. And they help them learn interesting facts about the Blue Mountains;
* Best Reviews. The testimonials page on their site at is packed full of positive feedba
ck; * Scenic Route Choices. Anderson's Tours offer two travel route choices. They allow customers to create the itinerary suitable for their needs.

Small group sizes

At Anderson's Tours, they don't believe in large group sizes. Their competitors often explore the area in large numbers to increase profit. But, the downside of that approach is there's no individuality to each tour.

One can expect a maximum of 20 people per tour of the Blue Mountains. That gives tourists the opportunity to ask questions and interact with the tour staff. And that's something one can seldom enjoy with competing tour operators.

TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence

These days one can never be too sure about a company's testimonials. The good news is Anderson's Tours hold the Certificate of Excellence award by TripAdvisor. In fact, they have done so for over four years in a row!

That's a statement that cannot get fabricated by any tour operator. As one can see by visiting their site, Anderson's Tours are the top Blue Mountains tour provider.

All-inclusive tour

When one uses Anderson's Tours, they are paying for an all-inclusive tour package. That means there are no extras to pay! The highlights of each tour include:

* Convenient hotel pick-up;
* Entry to the Featherdale Wildlife Park;
* A two-course lunch at the Country Club Golf Course;
* Cable car and scenic railway trips at Katoomba; and
* A visit to the Waradah Aboriginal Cultural Centre.

The experience starts with the complimentary hotel pick-up. The tour bus then travels west, crossing the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge. The first stop is at the world-famous Featherdale Wildlife Park.

That's then followed by a visit to the Blue Mountains. One can opt for a short guided walk to a spectacular cliff lookout. The views are superb and offer a panoramic view of the Jamison Valley.

Next on the itinerary is lunch at the Country Club Golf Course. The journey then continues to Scenic World and then the Waradah Aboriginal Centre.

Last, but not least, there is a ferry ride from Homebush Bay to Sydney's Circular Quay, the final stop.

About Anderson's Tours

The tour provider is a top-rated company by TripAdvisor and much loved by their clients. They specialise in group day trips to the Blue Mountains and offer excellent value for money.

For more information, contact:
Jihane Farah
Anderson's Tours
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NSW, 2146, Australia
Tel: +61 (0)2 9636 6111
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