Analytix Solutions is proud to announce the launch of its new website for its Healthcare Solutions Division. Analytix Healthcare Solutions is an end-to-end provider of revenue cycle management services for medical equipment companies (HME/DME) and physician offices. A partnership with Analytix Healthcare Solutions will maximize your operational efficiency and financial management by handling insurance eligibility, claims, denials, and collections, leading to best practice and high-quality service delivery to patients.

Analytix Healthcare Solutions offers customizable HME/DME and physician billing services to decrease revenue leakages, enable automation, and ensure error free claims prior to submission. The team of trained experts provides customized solutions to manage daily workflows and streamline processes, leading to increased revenues and efficiency, while maintaining a positive cash flow. We have successfully partnered with multiple DME/HME and physician offices to help streamline all aspects of the billing cycle, from pre-billing activities, such as insurance verification and pre-authorization, to revenue cycle management functions, such as cash posting and AR follow-up. In an effort to continuously add value, we have also developed Appoint 360, a cost-effective tool that enables effortless self-scheduling for patients, boosting efficiency, streamlining operations, and improving overall patient experience. This centralized dashboard provides insights, analysis, perspective, and automation to prevent loss of orders, thereby ensuring no revenue loss.


Analytix is a single source, integrated solutions provider delivering high-quality services consistently, cost-effectively, and collaboratively. Our extensive experience, combined with our deep industry knowledge and technical expertise, allows us to develop customizable solutions. Analytix's cross-disciplinary domain expertise includes Healthcare Solutions, Accounting & Finance, IT, Data Management, and AV. Analytix has also developed Insight360, a management portal that combines accounting services with operational applications and tools to help specialized industries better manage their finances and operations.

Analytix's Healthcare Solutions website can be accessed at The Analytix sales team can be reached at [email protected] or by calling 781-503-9000 for a free consultation.