United States of America, February 26, 2016 — AmericanYuan, a website that provides its author with a platform for commentary and research related to the present-day Chinese economy, has recently warned about the shifting views of Americans regarding China’s economy including its finance and stock market.

The warning came as a result of a Gallup poll wherein half of Americans think that China is already the world’s top economic power.  While objective economic reports say otherwise, the results of the Gallup poll can have adverse impact on the way that Americans view its own government’s economic programs and projects, including its response to many international issues involving the two countries.

The results of the Gallup poll is also notable for another reason. For the first time in the Gallup World Affairs survey’s nearly 20-year history, majority of Americans surveyed picked another country aside from the United States — China, in this case — as the country they deemed as the world’s top economic power.

Of the 1,021 adult Americans surveyed, only 37% said that the United States remains as the global economic power. Of the random survey participants, more than 44% predicted that the United States would once again surpass China as the world’s leading economy, an event that would occur in 20 years.

But the economic reports from China, a country known to understate its issues and overstate its growth, dispute such a perception.  The Chinese finance market has taken a hit, too, with the country’s record-breaking economic growth over several years now slowing down; the economic slowdown started in 2015 with a growth of just 6.9%, the lowest in more than 20 years.  Even China stock market activity has also caused worry among international investors, including those in the United States, since it has significant impact on world economy.

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The author of AmericanYuan is an undergraduate student studying finance at an American university. He spent an extended period in Hong Kong and mainland China, thus, his interest in the country’s influence on the modern world.

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