03, January 2015: When F and I first saw Jana Reinhardt’s beautiful emerald engagement ring, we were both blown away by the simple elegance of it. I’ve always been a fan of the stunning green gem, and there was something about the cut of this stone which really caught my eye. F agreed that the floral accents complement the Asscher cut of the stone perfectly, bringing a feminine touch to ring. We love that Jana works 100% with her hands; you can really see the time and care she puts into all of her work. 

Engagement ring designer Jana Reinhardt

When it comes to emerald engagement rings I’ve always loved the combination of the sparkling green gem with a gold band. When F and I discovered that the client had asked Jana to melt down a treasured chain belonging to their grandmother for the gold band, we were overwhelmed by the personal process behind the creation of this design. It seemed even more fitting that it was completely handmade, receiving the time and attention that it deserved. 

It certainly got me and F thinking about how having a bespoke ring can be personal on so many different levels. Jana Reinhardt has really outdone herself with this commission, we’re sure the client must have been thrilled!