Brian Flatt launches a revolutionary diet plan for fat reduction and weight loss. If followed appropriately, this diet plan can reduce 12-23 pounds of fat within 21 days.

Obesity has, more or less, turned out to be a universal problem. The number of people suffering from overweight and excessive fat is increasing on a regular basis. In such a situation, the importance of a comprehensive diet plan becomes crucial. People are in search of such a plan that could reduce weight as early as possible without casting any side effect on the body. These expectations of the people across the world have finally been fulfilled by the 3 week diet plan proposed by the professional health trainer and nutritionist Brian Flatt.

Brian has an experience of many years in health and nutrition and has turned a lot of people toward healthy lifestyle. This diet plan is the latest effort by him that was highly anticipated among his followers. According to him, this is the most effective yet cheapest diet plan the people would ever witness in the world. As the name suggests, this diet plan comprises of three weeks’ nutrition and workout.

The diet plan document originally consists of total 89 pages. In the first 44 pages, Brian explains the theory and logic behind the whole diet plan that why he formulated such a diet plan in the first place. The rest of the 45 pages contain each and every step of the diet plan in detail. The main point in the diet plan is fasting for 24 hours in a week. Brian himself has done this for 2 days in a single week. For those who are new to diet plans and never have tried any of them before, he recommends at least 18 hours fasting in a week. The program’s details are enlisted in the document. The diet plan has been used by many people so far and all of them have given positive feedback. People are extremely excited to have such a comprehensive diet plan in a very low price of mere $47.

Brian Flatt is a renowned dietitian and nutritionist who keeps finding better solutions for people to attain and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The 3 week diet plan is the result of his enormous research and practical experience. It is going to set a new trend in international health and fitness regime.

Brian Flatt
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