India; 29, July 2016: Travelling abroad has never been so popular and affordable as compared to today. More and more Indians are travelling across different countries and the options seem endless. However, when it comes to travelling to international locations, one needs to ensure that they take services of a reliable travel partner. Moreover, with so many options it may seem that each and every company is offering the same package with a different brand name. Hence, it would be ideal to choose a package which is not only affordable but offers the best options. AMUS Travels is one such company which has taken the initiative to offer exclusive travel packages to some of the most popular exotic travel locations. The company is a Joint venture among 4 Indians along with a Philippines based company named Global Agro Company Dhritika. Among the 4 members Mr. Anil Agarwal hails from Patna while Mr. Ashok Agarwal and Mr.AjitVanchani are based in Ranchi and Surat respectively.

The company intends to offer well-packaged options to some popular exotic international destinations. These primarily include the likes of Malaysia, Dubai, Singapore, and Thailand. They have been adding more options to their list and expanding the number of options one has for selection for each and every destination. Their packages have been classified under different heads which are primarily the kind of travellers and the purpose of travel. For instance, there are separate kind of packages which are offered for families while on the other hand there are different options for couples looking to go out for a honeymoon.

AMUS Travels also helps in getting visas, flight tickets and other additional things which are essential for travelling to any of the countries. These packages have been listed on their website along with detailed itinerary as well as important terms and conditions in regards to each of the packages. For more information about the kind of packages that one may select or to know more about the process of booking these packages, people can visit The site also offers easy access to the customer service department using options like email, live chat, hotline numbers, or contact form. Depending on the preference a customer may choose any of the preferred mediums to get answers to their queries.

About AMUS Travels:

AMUS Travels is a travel company that intends to offer exclusive packages for international travel to some exotic countries from India. The company has been established as a Joint Venture between 4 Indian businessmen along with a Philippines based company. For more details or to get in touch with the company, travellers can visit their website.

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