Sweetstream releases her new album, “Transcendence” which is a collection of her songs of a new breed, being a fusion of different genres of music.

Great news for music lovers: Sweetstream has released the album “Transcendence” which fuses different types of music genres in an innovative way - from classical music to underground hip hop, chill out, electro, jazz and opera to urban and tribal beats. A full list of all songs is now available at AMPLETRACE, where visitors can listen to tracks, including “A New day Begins”, “All People”, “Circus of Life.” If you like what you hear, then you can log onto http://ampletrace.com/album/transcendence/ and share the songs via Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, Myspace and VK.

Listen to the latest songs of Transcendence and be taken on a musical journey. Let these frequencies beam you into higher realms; go inside and discover a whole new world; start spreading the love; transcend time; just be; swim on an ocean wave of harmonious beats; feel and breath the beat and glide with agility along the pristine vocal shores to an undiscovered beach…..

The album fuses the best from different genres of music, from the past, the present and also the future, and creates a new breed of music altogether. Sweetstream’s lyrics also tell an important story of evolutionary growth if we rediscover important values. The music prodigy who has created this new music genre started her music career at an early age and you can find out more by visiting http://ampletrace.com/album/transcendence/

About Transcendence:
Transcendence is an album released by Sweetstream. The songs fuse together various genres from chill out, jazz, opera to tribal electro beats and create a whole new genre of consciousness expanding music.